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Amangiri Resort

December 15, 2012











The Amangiri resort is one of two North American Aman-resorts, a luxury brand of boutique hotels primarily found in Europe and Asia. Their blend of simple, and yet sophisticated design, have secured the Aman group’s position at the head of the boutique hotel game. In keeping with the Aman aesthetic, the Amangiri is a low-lying compound of 34 guest suites, shaped entirely out of tinted concrete..
The focal point of the hotel is a massive rock formation that descends into the swimming pool, which is wrapped around its base. As you practice your backstroke, you can contemplate the sublime tower of stone that looms above you.
Rather than disrupting the landscape, the hotel was designed as a natural extension of the local topography, as exemplified by the transition from stone to swimming pool. From this central point, the two wings of the hotel spread out along the valley floor.
All of the 34 guest rooms are designed and furnished in accordance with the resort’s balance of serenity and austerity. Putting the guests in direct contact with the desert, each room is equipped with a private patio that opens directly onto the desert floor. With the desert literally at your doorstep, the hotel is trying to give its guest the feeling of camping in the desert, minus the snake in the sleeping bag. Even the beds were placed at the same grade as the outside terrain to enhance the experience of cowboy camping.
On the other hand, the spa faces inward to give the guests a break from the domineering landscape.

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