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About me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Ronit Copeland – living in Israel, married to Scott,and our daughter called Yael. I was born in Israel but lived abroad from the age of 3-23 – in a small Jewish community in Puerto Rico, and 5 years in Boston, USA.

I completed a BA in Clark University, near Boston and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I have lived in Israel since 1987 and worked most of my career in hotels. Most of my professional work relates to concept building, opening and/or integration of new hotels & spas – many within global hotel brands (Sheraton, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton), developing local brands and setting web marketing strategies & implementations within the hotel & spa business.

Following 20+ years in the hotel and lifestyle business, I started my own company in October 2010: COPELAND LTD – Hospitality Consulting by Design.

COPELAND LTD welcomes hotels and spas looking for Strategic Business and Development Services.

My passion for hotels, spas and Lifestyle products is clear to all, and through my new company I will be able to share my rich experience  and knowledge with anyone who shares the same passion for this field.

Company Services:
● Concept Building – The concept of identity begins with a design and operational philosophy that is reflected throughout every hotel’s look and feel, functionality, finances and service structure.
● Development – Opening a hotel or spa entails both long-term vision and detailed planning.The development process is one of the most important phases that will determine your success.
● Asset Managment – Copeland Ltd thoroughly reviews your goals, finances and work plans to identify opportunities that will increase efficiency, cut costs and improve your revenue management.

Prior jobs:

● Vice President – Sales & Marketing in Tamares Hotels Group, who owns and operates Daniel Hotel in Herzliya, Shizen Hotel Spa and Lifestyle, and Daniel Hotel in the Dead Sea.

● Responsible of sales and marketing for the Marriott and Renaissance Hotels in Nazareth (HEI Hotels – Marriott, Israel).

● VP Director of Sales & Marketing of Sheraton Moriah Hotels

(Starwood Israel – 13 hotels).

● I had the privilege to be part of a team of asset management for the Tides Hotel in South Miami Beach, Florida (until the hotel was re sold).

● Had the opportunity to have senior management positions for Hilton & Hyatt in Israel and abroad.

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