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How hotels overseas give their customers an added value

May 29, 2012


A wonderful example for a hotel that knows how to distinguish itself from others and give an added value is Arts Hotel inBarcelona.

They have done it so far by building a special compound to high-end suites and VIP customers, by having their own chef give culinary workshops and tours, by loaning a very cool Fiat 500 for VIP client’s vacation in the city and now they raised the bar:

A helicopter will take the VIP clients to a luxurious lunch in one of the three Michelin restaurants inCataloniaarea!

Apart from the luxury treatment, the main advantage in this deal is that you can book a place in those restaurants just a week in advance, something that usually takes months to organize but in this case the hotel preserve seats for its clients and gives them something they cannot get from another hotel or even if they try to do it by themselves.


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