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A little goes a long way…

December 22, 2011
A little goes a long way…In one of my last trips to the US and Europe, I stayed in two lovely hotels that don’t seem to have much in common. One is called On the Ave on the upper west side of Manhattan, New York and the other one is Meninas in a trendy youngish neighborhood in central Madrid, Spain. The truth is that I experienced the NY hotel as a guest while on a business trip, and the Madrid one as a leisure traveler.

The interesting thing is that these hotels actually do have great things in common. Both hotels have transformed themselves from ordinary 3-4 star hotels to popular boutique hotels. They have been re-designed with style, offering warmth and intimacy, and therefore differentiating themselves from others. They are popular not just because they are newly renovated with an emphasis on design, but because
      they are able to provide what is most important in boutique hotels – personal service!! Check out their reviews on Trip Advisor. Both hotels were able to really establish a “relationship” with me, and I will probably go back to them… Both hotels are perfect examples of how to revitalize older hotels and reposition them as boutique hotels.
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