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A New Exciting Beginning

May 31, 2010

Last week I probably took the most important and courageous decision in my career life. After ten years I have decided to leave a senior high paying VP position in Tamares Hotels – to pursue my dream of my own hotel consulting firm. The new company will be opened in a few months.

Although in all of my 20 years in hotel business I have always felt -and also been told – that I have an entrepreneurial and independent mind, I loved so much what I did that I chose to keep on producing and creating.

Having worked before Tamares in four global hotel brands – Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott – was a privilege. And later it was just as great a privilege to have worked in an independent hotel company where I was able to work together with the owners on original brands and new standards.

I enjoyed upbringing of young staff and seeing them grow to become great professionals. In the process I also grew tremendously.

My passion for hotels, spas and Lifestyle products is clear to all. In a couple of months I hope to contribute to anyone who wants to take advantage of my experience, knowledge and doings.

Although it’s scary, I am full of excitement to do my own thing. I will be meeting all kinds of interesting people – each with their own dream and creations and together I know we can translate them into great business opportunities.

I can’t wait to incorporate all my international relationships that I acquired over the years. I can’t wait to do all the other things such as development, building hotel platforms, new concepts, design and providing outsourced marketing & sales activities.

The New Year in Rosh Hashanah will bring new beginnings.

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