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You Would Not Believe What’s Going On in Abu Gosh

May 27, 2010

I feel lucky living in Prozdor Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Corridor) near Abu Gosh.

It’s not just that I can get the best humus and baklava so close to my neighborhood and get pittot (flat round bread) immediately after Pesach (Passover) – it is the fact that Abu Gosh for a long time has been offering much more in this wonderful picturesque Arab village with weekend lunches (for those that don’t mind the endless traffic).

(photo: Abu Gosh Restaurant)

Take a stroll down main street (Shalom st.) that heads from Ein Hemed exit off Jerusalem no 1 highway all the way to the Neve Ilan exit back to Tel Aviv (Elvis restaurant and Gas Station).

We will experience everything from traditional restaurants such as Caravan and Abu Gosh Restaurant to smaller joints on side streets. I recommend getting to the main street and visiting smaller food kiosks at the Mosque’s Square – places like Sheh Josef and Nagi Restaurant. The views are amazing!

If you prefer a different taste of food – head on to the Plant Nurseries. They are absolutely fantastic. You can find great coffee places serving salads pastas, fish, sandwiches and of course Israeli breakfast and brunch.

Back to main street you can find candle stores, gourmet chocolates stores, bakeries with amazing sambusa, bamboo furniture, bazaar oriental gifts including rugs, nargilot, beautiful color vases and silverware. My favorite is antiques! There is an amazing store called Arabesque House.

In one of the gift shops they were so friendly: as we walked in I notice along beautiful wooden table filled with so much food and lots of people enjoying their time together. I asked the owner if they had just opened a restaurant at the shop and she simply answered that they are all customers and the family aunt (the cook) asked all the customers to join in for lunch. Of course she asked us also to join!

I guess this signifies Abu Gosh’s welcoming manner.

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