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A Hotel with a Green Agenda

May 24, 2010

Hyatt Hotel in Seattle (photos: Hyatt)

I truly believe that hotel developers that take seriously opening a “green hotel” will not only be responsible business people /citizens – which is a huge value in itself – but will in turn attract a large sector of travelers looking for this option.

More and more both Israelis tourists and International travelers are looking for the green hotel option. There are many levels to approach this issue and many of our Lifestyle changes set the stage for the future of eco-friendly hotels.

At the building stage – a hotel developer can use materials that have been recycled such as steel & glass. Energy conserving systems can be installed that not only help the environment but can save a lot of costs to the hotel operations.

The recently opened Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, Washington is an excellent example of how to incorporate green design principles into a new-build hotel property.

Design all together is about materials, colors & forms and Hyatt’s blue glass architectural elements make it not only attractive looking – shedding light but also eco-friendly.

Guest room in Hyatt Hotel

The hotel incorporates a “live” roof full of plants adding to the view and reduces the amount of heating or cooling required.

Guest experience elements can add to the green concept by offering low-flow shower heads, offering soap & shampoo dispensers, guestroom recycling baskets and towel & sheet changing options.

Design aspects can include usage of natural fiber rugs, fluorescent bulbs, textile cotton usage and much less plastic.

Why not serve option of organic foods and more digital newspapers and bathroom amenities without artificial colors and without animal derivatives?

These are only some examples that relate to the hotel experience and will be validated by customers that know the difference and will choose to participate.

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