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Just a Little More Green

May 12, 2010

Use bicycles! (photos: Stockvault)

More and more I am becoming “ecological concerned” and trying to incorporate in my life and my family’s lifestyle small things that can help the environment.

The “green” trend at times can be intimidating or overwhelming or even perceived as more expensive. The truth is we can all make a small difference with just a few steps.

At home we started to reduce the use of plastic bags and paper waste. We actually print much less from the computer. It goes without saying that we try to save water – we really just don’t have enough here in Israel.

At work, we try as much as possible to go electronic in memos, and therefore waste less printed paper. As soon as possible we shall start recycling and suggest using less paper cups.

So what about travel? Travel is associated with carbon footprints – flights, car rental, hotels turning millions of travelers and their usage. Lately there is a lot of literature on how to travel greener. Here are some tips:

1. Use bicycles and do a lot of walking. Even if you are in major cities and not in green country you can use public transportation rather than cabs & rental cars.

2. If you do rent a car – ask if a hybrid is available.

3. Use stainless steel permanent water bottle rather than plastic bottles and if you picnic- try to use Tupperware containers and not paper goods.

4. Try to buy products from food markets – maybe organic. Most cities or towns have fresh produce of vegetables and fruit. Farmers markets can be a lot of fun abroad.

5. In hotel make sure to turn off all lights when leaving room. Hang towels for re-use.

6. Ask hotel if they recycle newspapers and plastic. If not take it somewhere to recycle.

7. Lower temperature in room thermostat – it can save a lot of energy.

8. Simply have shorter showers!

9. Buy “travel size” toiletries bottles and re-use them rather than using hotel bathroom amenities.

10. Check out this links:

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